Has Google stopped showing Pagerank?

SEOs will have noticed Pagerank has not been updated for many months now causing some to suggest Pagerank is no longer being shown to the public at all.

For those who are not familiar with the concept, Pagerank is the importance Google attributes to every page in its index.


For achieving good rankings in Google your own Pagerank is not critical, but for people looking to purchase links (something which Google frown upon and routinely punishes sites for by the way) Pagerank is often THE critical factor in determining the value of a link on a particular site or page.


A link on a page with high Pagerank will have more of an impact than one on a lower ranking page, all things being equal (relevance and such also likely factor in, but that’s beyond the scope of this brief introduction).


It’s easy to see therefore how Pagerank is important to webmasters. Pagerank is generally updated quarterly, however the last update was some 4 months ago, meaning the current on is overdue.


The delay could be attributed to Google rolling out its new “Caffeine” search engine; however there has been some talk on the net that Pagerank updates simply aren’t being shown to the public any more.


Experienced SEOs will know that Pagerank is usually very out of date anyway and is not always a critical factor, but it does serve as a guide. If Google has indeed decided to no longer show this it is certainly a sign of them upping the ante on webmasters who artificially increase their rankings. Though its bad news for us web developers its also good news for internet users as a whole who will hopefully now see improvements in a Google that has become plagued with spam of late.


This issue is currently being discussed in depth over at Digital Point, those wanting to know more may want to check this link out.