Blogging – Getting a blog up and running

A few years ago blogging was all the rage in geek communities, and at one point it seemed absolutely everyone was at it. Now tweeting and social networking are taking over as the phenomenon the media like to focus on when it comes to covering the latest forms of communication online.

The way the press has stopped talking about blogging you’d think every blogger has packed up their laptops for good and gone away to country to spend the rest of their lives in total isolation. Although the blogging hype has died down over the past 2 years, the truth is more people than ever before are using blogs to give views and opinions, report the news and chat with others who have similar interests.

From sport to news and politics, blogging is a way to give yourself and what you have to say exposure.

So how are all these individuals with seemingly little in the way of IT know-how getting such professional looking, smartly laid out and snazzy blogs? The truth is most are using a package called “Wordpress”, which is available to download for free and so simple to get up and running that almost anyone can do it. Templates are freely available and can be installed by anyone with a basic knowledge of windows, custom templates are also offered on forums such as Digital Point by designers for a very small fee (many designers coming from India and charging as little as $20 for a fully customized template).

As a business having a blog on your site offers multiple benefits. Firstly it gives you a simple way to make announcements to the public, tell them more about your business and give help and advice with your products. Another benefit, often overlooked, is that it can present a human face to the end-user who may be unsure about doing business with you. Tell them about yourself and the people in your organisation; it can help make your customers feel a lot more welcome on your site.

Our own blog uses Wordpress, with our own template put together by one of our talented designers and programmers. A few small alterations have been made to the source code too (including the PHP code), but it is largely as it was out of the box and this is pretty common with most blogs.

There are a few other solutions out there, but it’s best to do your research before making your choice as migrating from one system to another is very troublesome.

Still few organisations have fully understood just what a useful tool a blog can be for any business. Whatever trade you are in I would suggest you seriously consider adding one to your site.

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